Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Establishing Your Domain                                                                                      

  • Eleven things to look for in a host provider/domain name registrar
  • Two must-haves in choosing your domain name

Chapter 2: Site Design                  

  • Seven pages to consider when developing your site
  • Six rules of web design
  • Fourteen web design tips
  • Three place to go for social media and other icons
  • Eight important questions to ensure your website’s usability
  • Four search engine optimization tips to keep in mind as you construct your site
  • Nine things you should never do relating to search engine optimization
  • Eleven questions to ask your Webmaster once the website is complete
  • Three top search engines for submitting your website
  • Seven additional tips to make your site page-rank friendly
  • Nine important areas of a website where keywords should appear
  • Four places to find free templates to build your own website
  • Five sites that provide duty-free images and illustrations
  • Four more but where fees (most nominal) may apply
  • Four tips about using photography on your website

Chapter 3: Search Engine Optimization           

  • The two types of results returned to the user in a search query
  • Top five factors the affect page rank
  • Three additional notes about keywords
  • Fifteen SEO factors you can direct that make your site “search friendly”
  • Four services Google’s Keyword Planner provides
  • Three additional services of Google’s Keyword Planner useful to Google Adword advertisers
  • Sixteen website building “do’s” that your programmer should do for you
  • Five things as important for page rank as meta tags and meta descriptions
  • Fourteen website building don’ts
  • Seven of the most common Black Hat SEO Practices

Chapter 4: Content                                         

  • Thirteen tips to developing good content
  • Five things to consider when generating meta tags

Chapter 5: Blogging                                         

  • Six advantages of a blog
  • Three ways to blog
  • Thirteen of the most thorough ways to find blogs that relate to your specific topic
  • Five steps to setting up your RSS feed to receive that site’s fresh content
  • Four steps to creating your blog
  • Six places to go and tools to use in creating your blog
  • Eight ways to improve the popularity of your blog
  • Seven sites where you can submit photos for sharing
  • Two steps to establishing authorship for your content on your blog and on others’
  • Seven places to post timely updates for freethat link back to your blog or website
  • Four key press release distribution sites
  • Two free tools that find groups with your similar interest to possibly post information about your product

Chapter 6: Scouting the Competition              

  • Five steps to viewing your competitors’ backlinks
  • Five steps to reviewing your competitors’ keywords
  • Three easy steps to viewing a website’s html coding
  • Three sites to visit to compare your product pricing to your competitors’

Chapter 7: Social Media                                  

  • Nine key social media platforms
  • Ten ways social media can help your business
  • Thirteen social media tips
  • Three resources for social media information and trending


  • Four reasons to create a Facebook business Page
  • Three basic differences between a business and a personal Facebook page
  • Four steps to adding a logo or photo to your Facebook page
  • Five elements Facebook will not allow on your cover photo
  • Six photo placements Facebook provides and their sizes
  • Three steps to adding a milestone to your timeline
  • Five navigations on your admin panel 108
  • Five analytics the Insights page provides 109
  • Two primary components of Facebook and the difference between them
  • Four steps from Facebook to prepare a post from your Page’s sharing tool to appear in the future
  • Six basic Facebook tools
  • Two steps to allowing reviews and star ratings on your Page
  • Four components of Facebook’s weekly summary
  • Eight steps to creating an offer  Six Facebook apps
  • Three steps to adding an app to your page
  • Two steps to changing the order of your apps
  • Five steps to adding address and maps to your business Page
  • Three common apps you may want to add to your Facebook page
  • Seventeen ways to generate “likes” (followers) on your Facebook page
  • Five steps to consolidating your Facebook pages
  • Four sources to adding friends Two main badges used for business


  • Nine basics to understanding Twitter
  • Six steps to including a picture in your Tweet
  • Eleven do’s and don’ts of Twitter for business marketing
  • Nine ways to generate more Twitter followers
  • Three ways to conduct a contest on Twitter


  • Five Best Practices for LinkedIn
  • Ten of the most overused terms used by LinkedIn members to describe themselves
  • Four content enhancement actions you can take using Linked In and where to go to find them


  • Three tips to building a business page on Google+
  • Three criteria for establishing a vanity URL for your Google+ business page
  • Six steps to a custom Google+ URL
  • Three types of admins for Google+ pages
  • Five steps to adding a manager
  • Four steps to responding to reviews on Google


  • Three main components of the functionality of Pinterest
  • Thirteen dos and don’ts to help optimize your Pinterest account
  • Two potential glitches when creating your Pinterest profile


  • Three actions you can do on Foursquare


  • Four sites where Instagram allows photos sharing on a photo-by-photo basis


  • Five basic principals of Vine
  • Five devices that allow Vine functionality

Chapter 8: Video                                                                       

  • Four reasons video is so important
  • Fifteen sites for posting videos
  • Four should-dos when creating your video
  • Three simple steps to building a YouTube channel
  • Three things you can do on YouTube with a Google Account and without a YouTube channel
  • Three things additionally that you can do if you establish a YouTube channel
  • Three steps to adding an image or artwork to your YouTube channel masthead
  • Eight video formats that YouTube accepts
  • Three ways to optimize your YouTube video’s content for search when posting

Chapter 9: E-Zines and E-Mail Blasts             

  • Three must dos to collecting and maintaining an e-mail database
  • Four important tips to sending an e-mail containing a cut and paste jpeg
  • Ten services your e-mail contractor can provide
  • Seven e-mail/e-zine providers
  • Three ways to avoid your e-mail getting caught in a spam filter
  • Eight key elements of an e-zine or e-newsletter
  • Four e-mail service providers that extend their services for to include shopping carts

Chapter 10: Directories                                   

  • Five changes in Google My Business from Google Places
  • Six Steps to correcting an incorrect marker on Google Maps
  • Nine more must-have free directories to place your business listing
  • Three merchant-driven portals that allow product display and deals
  • Six more important business listing directories where fees apply
  • Two ways to find niche directories specific to your business
  • Three sites that show inbound links to a particular site                                                              ‘
  • Three additional sites for listing consideration
  • Four free blog directories to add your blog listing to
  • Seven sites (not industry related) where you should monitor your reviews
  • Seven content monitoring services (fees apply)
  • Four steps for signing up for Google Alerts
  • Two options if you would like your Google Alert sent to a non-Google e-mail
  • Six of the most notable bookmarking sites

Chapter 11: Analytics                                      

  • Five steps that will be required to attach and use Google Analytics on your website
  • Six primary segments Google provides analysis for
  • Twenty-three of the analytics you can expect to find in your Google Analytics reporting
  • The five possible progressions of a conversion funnel
  • Five steps to correcting the fragmentation of inbound links to your website
  • Three times when you need to use a 301 redirect
  • Six additional sites that provide in depth analysis of your site but where fees apply

Chapter 12: Media Mix                                    

  • Nine things that have potential to make people want to purchase your product
  • Ten questions to help you arrive at the best marketing mix for you and your product
  • Two questions to ask your customers in a follow-up survey
  • Eight advertising options
  • Print Advertising
  • Electronic Media
  • Internet or Digital Advertising
    • Two Facebook advertising programs that can be purchased on a cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand basis
    • Thirteen targets Facebook advertising allows you to choose
    • Three specifics of Facebook advertising you can control
    • Four basics about Twitter’s advertising model
    • Six Twitter targeting options
    • Two Google Adwords advertising options
    • Three must-haves when retaining a PPC media buyer
    • Six defined ways Google Display
    • Network advertisers can target their ads
    • Two more PPC models to consider
    • Four affiliate marketing service providers
  • Direct Mail
    • Five places you can turn to for purchasing mailing lists
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Public Relations
    • Four top press release distribution resources
  • Promotions
    • Four examples of promotional opportunities
  • Display Advertising—Outdoor Advertising or Billboard
    • Three high resolution QR code generators
    • Three websites that allow the transmission of high resolution files
  • Six potential dangers for your and your business
  • Four factors that make for ineffective creative
  • Three missteps that could occur if you do not have a full buyout of the photography you commission
  • Three areas where photography should be approached carefully
  • Two places you can look for legal agreements online                                                                           


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