About the Book

This book does the research and experimenting for you and delivers information you want in one quickly-grasped, tidy-little package. Perhaps you need to better understand web design, search engine optimization or what the agency is telling you.

Click Here: The Quick-Study Guide to Internet Marketing gives you the tips and tools of the trade:

  • Prioritizes what you need to know in numbered lists, cutting through the maze of confusing rhetoric.
  • Helps you find the marketing mix that works best for your product and then execute it.
  • Defines internet vernacular, enabling you to “talk the talk”.
  • Presents valuable resources that, whether a novice or advanced, are certain to allow you to take away new discoveries to keep in your arsenal.
  • Shows you practical information on social media techniques and strategies.
  • Provides key insights and secret tips.

This book gets you started and keeps you moving to achieve your goals, and is there for easy reference every step of the way – at launch and as you grow. You’ll be quickly educated, encouraged and motivated to tackle the barriers that held you back. And then, apply what you learn and watch everything click.